Buying tips

What should you consider when buying oriental carpets?

Not every oriental carpet offered in this country deserves its name. The experts at Teppich Global in Stuttgart have compiled a few criteria for you to consider when buying an original oriental carpet:

• Irregularities in the knot structure:

This is considered a sign of genuine craftsmanship, speaks for first quality and does not imply a reduction in value. Even the best carpet weavers run into carelessness in the long working process.

• Natural materials:

Genuine Oriental and Persian carpets are made of sheep's or virgin wool, cotton, silk or camel hair. Ask when buying, if you do not find any information about it.

• Source of origin:

At Teppich Global, we know our sources of supply and we know in which workshop a carpet was made. Certificates of authenticity provide you with proof. Always ask for this document and be careful if you are sold a supposedly original oriental carpet without a certificate.

• Product variety:

Reputable suppliers such as Carpet Global offer a wide selection in terms of shapes, colors, pile heights and formats. Thus, besides rectangular carpets, you can also find round and oval ones. Dealers with small selection often get their goods only from one source in the Orient.

• Price structure:

For every budget you can find a beautiful oriental carpet at Teppich Global Stuttgart. Depending on origin, age and size, individual pieces cost a few thousand euros. But customers get a textile work of art and unique. Be careful when you are promised carpets at "discount prices".

• Maintenance condition:

Historic oriental carpets are already many years old, you can see it on them, and that's good. Nevertheless, every time you buy, you should check the goods: Has the carpet been cleaned? Are there possibly still traces of dirt in the pile? What about the edges, are there any damages?


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