Care, cleaning and repair

Just like other furniture in the house, your oriental carpet needs regular care. Generally, carpets made by hand and with natural materials are very durable and long-lasting - with a little care and cleaning, you will enjoy them even more. What to do?

• Regularly you should vacuum the carpet. Preferably in the direction of the line, so that coarse dirt particles can not harm the pile. Several times a year, please vacuum the carpet on the back side as well.

• Liquid on the carpet quickly clean with a lint-free cloth and warm water if necessary and dry. You can then carefully dry the wet spot with a hair dryer.

• Gently scrape off firmly dried components with a knife. Then dab off the remaining dirt with a damp cloth, but first test a small area to see whether the color of the oriental carpet is stable. Otherwise, too much liquid cleaning will unfortunately result in pale spots.

• In winter, you can clean your carpet with dry snow on the terrace or in the garden. Place the piece with the pile down on the snow, then shake it out or rub the snow a little. Then let it dry indoors.

• It is best to move furniture on the carpet several times a year. Reason: The weight of heavy cabinets or sofas permanently compresses the pile.

• If the carpet is located in a place with sunlight, something behind a glass front in the living area, then a180-degree rotation is recommended regularly. In this way, the sunlight is evenly distributed on the carpet surface.

• Follow the carpet manufacturer's care instructions if they are on the back of the product. In case of doubt, we will help you with words and deeds.

Cleaning service of carpet Global Stuttgart:

We are happy to recommend specialist companies for professional cleaning of oriental carpets in your region. The trained carpet care experts will help to keep your good piece in top condition for a long time.

Oriental carpet repair

Daily wear and tear can cause minor or major damage. Sharp objects, shoes with heels, heavy furniture or vermin such as moths harm oriental carpets. Especially the edges and fringes are the sore points on carpets.

We then recommend a professional repair or carpet restoration. We will be happy to refer you to reliable and experienced local specialist companies. They will then take care of any damage to edges, fringes or holes in the carpet.

With a repair, you maintain the value of your oriental rug and continue to enjoy your investment. The cost depends on the size of the carpet and the damage. However, you will always receive a quote in advance. As a rule, flat rates are charged for running meters.